Machine Perception CIS 580 Spring 2013

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Instructor: Kostas Daniilidis (email: kostas(at)

TA: Matthieu Lecce (email: mlecce(at)

Classroom: Towne 303

Time: Monday/Wednesday 10:30am-Noon

Office Hours:

(Kostas) Only by appointment, at Levine 472

(Matthieu) Wednesdays, 5-7pm, Levine 512

Grading Policy: Homeworks 50%, Midterm 20%, Final 30%

Homeworks on paper and using Matlab.

Midterm is on paper.

Final TBD.

Textbook: Szeliski

Additional resources:

Zisserman and Hartley, Multiple View Geometry

Forsyth and Ponce, Computer Vision A Modern Approach

Castleman, Digital Image Processing

Hany Farid, Fundamentals of Image Processing