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Podcast Interviews
I was a guest on a DIY Drones Podcast
My advisor and I were guests on a Robots Podcast

Construction with Quadrotor Teams Jan 2011
Colbert Report: Flying Robot Drones
Engadget: Quadrocopters learn to build things, when will humans learn to fear them?
Popular Science: Robotic Quadcopters Work In Autonomous Swarms to Build Towers
BotJunkie: Autonomous Quadrotor Teams May Build Your Next House

Aggressive Quadrotor Part II September 2010
Engadget: Quadrocopters can now fly through thrown hoops, the end really is nigh
Gizmodo: The Quadrotor Drone Learns Several Terrifying New Tricks
BotJunkie: Quadrotors Fly Through Moving Hoops

Quadrotor Surveillance August 2010
BotJunkie: Autonomous Quadrotor is Watching You

Cooperative Grasping and Transport using Quadrotors July 2010
NY Times: Five Robots to Watch
Engadget: Revenge of the quadrocopters: now they move in packs
Gizmodo: Quadrotor Flying Robots Team Up To Lift Objects
Popular Science: UPenn's Amazing Quad-Rotor Drones Now Work in Teams to Lift Heavy Payloads Together
BotJunkie: Quadrotors Cooperate To Lift Heavy Objects

Aggressive Quadrotor Flight May 2010
Discovery: Four-Rotor Helicopter Flies Like It's the Future
Engadget: Autonomous quadrocopter flies through windows, straight into our hearts
Gizmodo: The Drone That Can Get Through Your Window (and Kill You While You Sleep)
Popular Science: Quadcopter UAV Careens Through Extremely Tight Spaces Autonomously
BotJunkie: Aggressive Quadrotor Maneuvers Are Totally Nuts
New Scientist: Number 1 video clip of the month

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