HeadshotElizabeth Hunter is a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. She is advised by Professor Vijay Kumar in the GRASP Lab. Elizabeth is an aspiring roboticist working at the intersection of biology and engineering in order to develop tools for biological research and medicine. Her research interests include multi-robot control, visual servoing, and data-driven robotic sampling for monitoring biological systems.

She co-developed the Titan Arm, a low-cost, proof-of-concept, powered upper-body exoskeleton for use physical therapy and occupational lifting. Since then Elizabeth has been the recipient of the James Dyson Award, and has been recognized in the Popular Science and CNN invention awards. Her current work involves designing micro-robot systems, smaller than the width of a human hair, for use in micro manufacturing, environmental sensing, and targeted drug delivery. She is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, and has been named to the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science.