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As of March 25th, 2012 In the Undergraduate Assembly elections, EDAB has decided to endorse Jake Shuster and Matt Rosenberg(one of our own engineers) for President and Vice-President, respectively. We believe both candidates' stances will help improve Engineering Undergraduate life. Read here at the Daily Pennsylvanian Election Center for descriptions of all candidates.

EDAB Alumni Networking Event

EDAB's First Annual Alumni Networking Event!

About Us

The Engineering Deans' Advisory Board (EDAB) seeks to enhance the SEAS undergraduate experience through project work and initiatives targeting both academic and social aspects of the school. As a liaison between the administration and the students, EDAB facilitates the exchange of ideas, information and experiences among students and faculty.

Check out our list of initiatives to see what we've been up to!

What We Do:

  • Assist the School of Engineering and Applied Science in defining and attaining its goals and strategic plans.
  • Provide consultation to the Dean, administration and faculty, serving as advocates for student needs and opinions.
  • Support an environment in which engineering students are provided the opportunity to pursue their academic interests and career goals.
  • Provide our members with leadership experience and opportunities to improve the Engineering community.

Questions? Suggestions?

Just shoot any of our members an email.