Workshop paper was accepted!

The paper that we submitted to the ACM SIGCOMM NetCompute’18 workshop in Budapest (Hungary) was accepted! Once we submit the final version of our paper, I will post a link on my publication page.

Another paper submitted!

We’ve just submitted a paper to the ACM SIGCOMM 2018 workshop in Budapest! Our team worked hard to accelerate an error correction algorithm on FPGA. Hopefully, our story will entertain the reviewers enough to be accepted.

Travel bucket list

Traveling is one of my passions. Here are some destinations that I would love to visit some day:

Bangkok, Thailand
I recently found out that many hotels in Bangkok have “infinity pools”. Is there any better way to enjoy a week off than lying in a pool and looking at a fascinating skyline?

Cappadocia, Turkey
This area in Turkey has interesting rock formations and cities carved out in the mountains.

Rajasthan, India
Rajasthan features magnificent castles and deserts that would fit well in fairy tales.

Cape Town, South Africa
In this picture, Cape Town appears so lush and green. With the rugged mountains in the back, it looks more like a scene from Jurassic Park than a metropolis.

Tokyo, Japan
Despite having been more advanced in technology than any other place in the world for decades, the Japanese have not abandoned their age-old traditions.

Cinque Terre, Italy
Eating pizza with a view on colorful houses scarily situated on a rugged coastline. Who would not want to do that?

Machu Picchu, Peru
Imagine the feeling of satisfaction of reaching this beautiful place after an intense trek up the steep slopes of the Andes. I can’t help thinking that some cities just look better as ruins…

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
This vast temple in the midst of the Cambodian jungle wakes up the Indiana Jones in me.

Although Malta is more famous for the little white dogs, the amazing coastline is not to be neglected either.

Bali, Indonesia
Bali offers lush rice paddies, ornate Hindu temples, and tropical beaches. I’d better visit this place soon before the volcano erupts and the island disappears in sea…

Huangshan, China
This is another wonderful suggestion from my page-a-day calendar. Literally translated, Huangshan means “Yellow Mountain”. These mountains are as jagged as mountains can be, which is exactly what a guy from a flat country wants. Moreover, the mountains are only 97 hours of walking time away from Shanghai. Google Maps does not know how long that takes by car, but I guess it is about 5.5 hours.

Equivalent commands for GIT, SVN, and CVS

In our lab, we are maintaining software and documents in CVS, Subversion, and GIT repositories. Often, I find myself looking up commands online for tasks like looking up a particular version of a file or dealing with conflicting versions. To save myself (and hopefully others) some time, I started a small table with equivalent commands for the different repositories.

Show status of repository.git statussvn statuscvs status
Add new <files> to repository.git add <files>svn add <files>cvs add <files>
Commit changes in existing <files> to repository.git add -u <files> && git commit && git pushsvn commit cvs commit
Retrieve changes from repository.git pullsvn updatecvs update
Show log of changes to <file>.git log <file>svn log <file>cvs log <file>
Show changes in <commit> / <revision>.git show <commit>svn diff -c <revision>
Resolve conflicts in <files&gt;Fix conflicts in <files>. git add <files>Choose "postpone" when conflict is found by svn update. Fix conflicts in <files>. svn resolve --accept=working <files>

So far, I have only put a few commands that I remember from the top of my head. I haven’t double-checked them all, so using these commands is at your own risk. If you have any commands to add, feel free to leave a reply.

Applying to our group

If you are interested in a position in our group, please contact my advisor, prof. DeHon. Although I am flattered by applicants who address me as “Dr. Giesen”, I neither have a Ph.D. degree, nor am I involved in the admissions process other than that I forward e-mails to prof. DeHon. Furthermore, if you have a degree in pharmacology and are interested in clinical-based research (I did not make this up), save yourself the effort…