successful catheter ablation

Radiofrequency (RF) catheter ablation in warm salt water. Temperature and impedance needed to be in a range for the RF generator to work. A set of working parameters are:
1. RF generator POWER set to 50 W, TEMPERATURE set to 43 degree Celsius, TIME set to 20 s.
2. Warm salt water temperature is about 50 degree Celsius, a lot of salt added so that the IMPEDANCE reading of the RF generator is about 65 Ohm.

Ablation experiment video:


The meat is beef. The white circular dots are lesion points. We can see that the cross-section of the lesion is very shallow. If we want a deeper lesion, need to increase ablation time. But the tissue temperature will rais quickly and exceed the temperature threshold that the RF generator will automatically cut of power.

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