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Mark Eisen's Personal Webpage


Contact Information

In order of preferred method of contact I can be found:

In person :3401 Walnut Street, Rm 405B
Cell :215 837 7902
mail:Dept. of Electrical & Systems Engineering
 University of Pennsylvania
 Room 203 Moore Building
 200 South 33rd Street
 Philadelphia, PA 19104

My updated research webpage can be found at

I am a PhD student under the advisement of Alejandro Riberio at the University of Pennsylvania in Electrical and Systems Engineering, where I obtained a BSE in Electrical Engineering from in Spring 2014. Currently, I am working in the area of distributed and stochastic optimization, in particular the development of quasi-Newton algorithms for both settings. I have additionally worked in parallel on a project detailing the use of word adjacency networks to describe pieces of text for the subsequent use in authorship attribution related problems. We subsequently used this method to study cases of disputed authorship in the works of William Shakespeare. My research is discussed further in the Research section of this site. Additionally, authorship attribution software materials can be found in and Software/Materials section of this site.

The Publications section of this site lists and provides links for all journals and conference publications that I have coauthored.

A copy of my CV can be found here.

List of Talks/Poster Presentations

  • UPenn PhD Colloquium - ``Learning in Wireless Autonomous Systems'' - February 2018
  • UPenn/Intel WAS-ISTC Seminar - ``Learning in Wireless Autonomous Systems'' - December 2017
  • Asilomar SSC Conference - ``Primal-Dual Quasi-Newton Method for Consensus Optimization'' - November 2017
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting - ``Incremental Quasi-Newton Method with Local Superlinear Convergence'' - October 2017
  • UPenn PhD Colloquium - ``Primal-Dual Quasi-Newton Method for Consensus Optimization'' - October 2017
  • DIMACS Workshop on Distributed Optimization - ``Primal-Dual Quasi-Newton Method for Consensus Optimization'' (Poster) - August 2017
  • Conference on Decisions and Control (CDC) - ``Decentralized BFGS Method for Dual Formulations of Consensus Optimization'' - December 2016
  • GlobalSIP Conference - ``Asynchronous Decentralized Quasi-Newton Method for Consensus Optimization'' (Poster) - December 2016
  • UPenn PhD Colloquium - ``Decentralized Quasi-Newton Methods'' - November 2015
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