2016 – 3D Scanner

I worked on a 3D Scanner for PennApps XIII (Spring 2016). The project was recognized as one of the top ten hacks at the event of over 200 teams. The project also received the award for best use of rapid prototyping. You can check out our presentation as part of the closing ceremony above!

  • Inspiration: We all have experience with 3d printers and would often print pieces like phone cases or tool holders. However, in order to replicate these objects we’d need to take detailed measurements, and then CAD the parts which would all be far too tedious for the task. So we decided to create our own 3d scanner.
  • What it does: You place an object on the motorized turn table, and two LIDAR create a 3d model of the object and export it into MeshLab.
  • How we Built It: We use ROS to control the motor, recieve the LIDAR scans and project them into the world frame. We used PCL to process filter and export the point cloud. The structure is built from 80/20 framing. The turn table, bottom and top tables, were laser cut. The side LIDAR mount was 3d printed with makerbots, and the top Lidar mount was also laser cut.
Scanning a coffee cup!