2015 – Pebble + iOS App: TrackJAM

  • Project Description: Use your Pebble watch to create a custom soundtrack with just the right tempo for your run. Our app reads acceleration values from the Pebble Smart Watch to calculate the cadence of the runner, this is then sent to our companion iOS app, which makes use of the EchoNest/Spotify API to pick the ideal song. This was developed in one weekend for PennApps 2015.


  • My Role: I developed the pebble side of the application for this project. I used accelerometer data from the Pebble, and created an algorithm to calibrate the app before use, and then to measure the cadence of the runner. This data is then sent over Bluetooth to the iOS app component of our project, and also displayed on the screen of the watch. I wrote this app using the C programming language.