I am currently a PhD student studying Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics under Mark Yim at the University of Pennsylvania where I build flying robots.  Aerial robotics combines many things that I love: motion (hence my motto “all-ways moving”), as well as mechanical, computer science, and electrical engineering.  In my research, I design vehicles and mechanisms with these disciplines in mind to achieve increased performance, greater simplicity, and/or better value.

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Piccolissimo, "littlest" in Italian, is the smallest self contained MAV (that we know of).  It uses passive stability to remain in the air, while pulsing its motor once per body rotation allows it... READ MORE



The U.N.O. is the Underactuated propeller, Naturally stabilized, One motor micro aerial vehicle. Typically, the minimum number of actuators required for a MAV is four, yet the U.N.O. flies with just one.... READ MORE



When buying motors, you get what you pay for. Permanent magnet motors (brushless DC, stepper, etc.) experience torque ripple, which cause unwanted noise, unexpected jitter, and even the inability to perform position... READ MORE

Brushless Vehicle Controller


The brushless vehicle controller is everything you need to make a vehicle with a small number of motors. Developed from the Brushless Module, this controller adds wireless, USB, and I2C communication, an... READ MORE