What We Do

Penn SHPE develops programs according to the Five SHPE Values:  Familia, Service, Education, Resilience.  These include, but are often not limited to, the events listed below.


We host study hours every week throughout the semester where members can help each other with coursework.  In the fall, we host our Faculty Dinner to thank our professors for their dedication to teaching and commitment to inspiring students.

Community Outreach

Each semester, we encourage members to participate in various challenging engineering projects happening on campus.  Our members also share their experiences with local high school students, encouraging them to pursue STEM fields.

Chapter Development

We hold semi-monthly meetings and community enrichment events to interact with our members, engage in team-building and professional development activities, and promote cultural awareness.

Leadership Development

Each August, we send executive board members to SHPE’s National Institute of Leadership Advancement (NILA) to receive leadership training.  We also encourage our members to attend the Regional Leadership Development Conference (RLDC) to help them develop their leadership skills.

Professional Development

Our most important event for chapter development and professional advancement is the SHPE National Conference.  Other conference opportunities include the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corporation (HENAAC) conference and the Eastern Technical Leadership Conference (ETLC).

We also host information sessions for visiting corporate representatives seeking to promote their companies and present their current job opportunities to the engineering community.  Networking, resume building, and professional development events are also held through the semester.

Other Opportunities

There are many internships, jobs, scholarships, and unique networking opportunities available year-round for SHPE members, which we publicize through our mailing list.  Many of these opportunities are available to both undergraduates and graduates.

Members may also choose to take on executive board roles within either the chapter or our SHPE Region.  These leadership positions provide the means for professional growth and personal advancement in skills beyond engineering.