Pratap R. Tokekar - Projects
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Here are some of the (co-)curricular projects that I have worked on during my graduate and undergraduate years.


Extended Kalman Filter based Simultaenous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) using a Pioneer II robot with a SICK Laser. This was our (with Onur Tekdas and Deepak Bhadauria) project for the CSCi5552: Sensing and Estimation in Robotics course.

Vision Based Navigation

Finds the vanishing point from the lines extracted in the corridor, to determine the coarse heading of the robot. This heading is then used by a simple controller to make the robot move in a straight line along a corridor. Course project for CSCi5980: Robotic Sensor Networks with Vineet Bhatawadekar and Maxwell Collins. My term paper that gives some details of the implementation is here.

3D Mouse

Performs trilateration using 3 ultrasonic sensors to find the 3D location of a wireless handheld input device. The demo shows how this device can be used as a mouse with a Google Earth type application. (With Shriram Devi, Amey Deshpande, and Amey Bhagwat.)

Undergrad Robotics

Youtube Playlist: Use arrows on side of video frame or mouseover menu to select the videos (Line Follower, MicroMouse, RoboSoccer, Robocon) in the playlist. (With Shriram Devi, Amey Deshpande, Amey Bhagwat, and COEP Robot Study Circle team.)