Lectures Spring 2013

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Date Topic Textbook Chapters & Slides Lecture Notes Homeworks
W/1/11 Intro , Linear Systems Castleman Ch. 9, Slides 1 Homework0 (turnin) due Jan 23rd
M/1/16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day, no class
M/1/23 Filtering Castleman Ch. 10, Szeliski Ch 3.2 & 3.3 2
W/1/25 Fourier Transform Castleman Ch. 12, Fourier primer 3 Homework1 due Feb 2nd
M/1/30 Fourier, Sampling Castleman Ch. 12 4
W/2/01 2D Fourier Szeliski Ch 3.4 5
M/2/06 Filters for detection 6 Homework2 due Feb 15th
W/2/08 Filters for detection, continued - Kosta Derpanis Kosta's slides
F/2/10 Scale space Pyramid slides 8
M/2/13 Scale selection - continued 9
W/2/15 Hough Transform & RANSAC Szeliski Ch 4.3 Slides
M/2/20 K-means, Expectation Maximimization EM tutorial Homework 3 due Mar 5th 11:59pm
W/2/22 Optical flow - Kosta Derpanis Kosta's slides
M/2/27 Image segmentation - Spectral clustering Spectral clustering tutorial
W/3/29 Stereo Stereo slides
3/03-3/11 Spring Break
M/3/12 Projective Geometry Geometry slides
W/3/14 Projective Geometry 16
M/3/19 Projective Geometry 17
W/3/21 Midterm Review Midterm (3/22-3/23)
M/3/28 Single View 3-D Vision and Recognition 18
W/3/30 Single view contd. 19
M/4/02 Two views Two Views slides 20
W/4/04 Two Views contd. 21 Homework 4 due April 15th
W/4/11 Essential matrix Chapter on E-matrix 23
M/4/16 Essential matrix and pose recovery 24
W/4/18 Continuous epipolar constraint and motion field 25
W/4/27 Final Review [1]