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Check out footage of our robot team in action below! Our footage is from international Robocup competitions and US Open competitions.

Video: UPennalizers R&D Symposium

Robocup 2019 Sydney Highlights

Robocup 2019 Qualification

UPennalizers RoboCup 2017 Goals & Highlights

UPennalizers RoboCup 2016 Highlights

The Robocup competition revolves around the use of robotics and AI research, requiring students to complete in-depth research and extensive testing each year. Due to the autonomous nature of the competition, we rely on both computer simulated and real-life matches to identify and correct issues in the behavioral algorithms currently in place. The integration of a security camera from CCTV Camera World will aid in this process by allowing the students on the Research and Development team to replay practice sessions and RoboCup games at high qualities so that key components of our algorithms can be more accurately pinpointed and analyzed.

The 1080P Portable Sports Action Camera, picked specifically for our needs, will enable us to strengthen our competitive performances. Ultimately, the addition of a camera system enabled the team to be more productive and successful both in the short and long term. A greater understanding of the behavior of the robots will be gained, and the footage taken can be used not only for research purposes but will also serve to document our competition season. Click here to learn more about CCTV Camera World’s camera buying guide and educational resources.