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Yongchao Martin Ma is currently a student at the prestigious Harvard University (HarvardU) and the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). He has previously earned his doctoral degrees from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST).

His primary research interests encompass machine learning and artificial intelligence applications in marketing, as well as Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

He has contributed articles to esteemed journals, including the European Journal of Marketing, Internet Research, Scientometrics, Journalism & Communication, Business Strategy and the Environment, Behaviour & Information Technology, and Industrial Marketing Management.

Research Output

Yongchao Ma and Zhongzhun Deng (2024). “How does AI Surpassing Humans Influence Public Innovativeness? A Multi-method Empirical Study.” Behaviour & Information Technology (IF 3.7, JCR Q2, SSCI/SCIE, AJG2),

Yongchao Ma, Zhongzhun Deng, Ying Teng, Zhilin Yang and Xu (Vivian) Zheng (2023). “Firms’ multi-sided platform construction efforts and ESG performance: An information processing theory perspective.” Industrial Marketing Management (IF 10.3, JCR Q1, SSCI, AJG3), 115, 455–469.

Yongchao Ma, Xin Dai, and Zhongzhun Deng (2023). “Using Machine Learning to Investigate Consumers’ Emotions: The Spillover Effect of AI Defeating People on Consumers’ Attitudes Toward AI Companies.” Internet Research (IF 6.4, JCR Q1, SSCI/SCIE, AJG3), 1-35.

Xin Dai, Yongchao Ma, Ziyue Jin, Li Liu, Yi Zhang, and Xue Yang (2023). “A Study on the Strategies and Effects of Chinese Food Journeys Narrative on International Social Media – A Big Data Analysis Based on the YouTube Platform.” Journalism & Communication (IF 4.2, CSSCI, AMI), 30(2), 68-89, 127-128.

Yongchao Ma, Ying Teng, Zhongzhun Deng, Li Liu, and Yi Zhang (2023). “Does Writing Style Affect Gender Differences in the Research Performance of Articles?: An Empirical Study of BERT-based Textual Sentiment Analysis.” Scientometrics (IF 3.9, JCR Q2, SSCI/SCIE, AJG2), 128, 2105-2143.

Yongchao Ma, Ying Teng, Zhongzhun Deng, and Zhilin Yang (2023). “Does Firms’ Carbon Disclosure Increase Consumers’ Recycling Willingness and Firms’ Recycling Performance?” Business Strategy and the Environment (IF 13.4, JCR Q1, SSCI, AJG3), 32(4), 2451–2470.

Shaohan Cai, Xiaoyan Wang, Yongchao Ma, Xinyue Zhou, and Zhilin Yang (2022). “Boundary Spanner Closeness to Partner Firm as Relational Governance in Turbulent versus Stable Environments.” European Journal of Marketing (IF 5.2, JCR Q2, SSCI, AJG3), 56(1), 252-282.

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International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

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