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The UPennalizers is the research-oriented RoboCup team at the University of Pennsylvania. We participate in domestic and international robot soccer robocups every year. We do research to advance our skills and knowledge in robotics under the supervision of Dr. Daniel D. Lee , in affiliation with General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science.

  • 1999

    Two years after the first international RoboCup, this robot soccer team was formed and began stepping up to the challenges put forth by the robocup

  • -2006

    While the league was still utilizing four-legged Sony Aibos, the UPennalizers made the quarterfinal rounds every year

  • 2009-

    The team reformed and returned to begin competing in the Standard Platform League with Aldebaran Nao robots, taking on bipedal motion alongside improved vision techniques and advanced behavior control


We participate in RoboCup and RoboCup U.S. Open every year.

RoboCup 2017

U.S. Open 2017

RoboCup 2016

Robocup 2015

RoboCup 2010

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We believe robotics competition is a great way to demonstrate scientific and engineering solutions in practical settings and also to connect robotics research with broader audiences. We are currently working on some exciting research projects in preparation for RoboCup 2018.


Our team is studying the foundations in kinematics and dynamics for humanoid robot locomotion and for kick, squat, dive and get-up motions. We apply reinforcement learning to improving the gait of the humanoid robots.


Our robots use cameras as primary sensors for localization and object detection. We are focusing on light-invariant feature extraction and fast object detection using a combination of traditional computer vision algorithms and deep learning.


Our behavior projects range from lower level single robot behavior (path planning and decision making) to team coordination (position and role calculation, coordination in a multi-agent system, work distribution).

Research topics

  • Real time lighting invariant perception
  • Robust and natural locomotion
  • Dynamic coordination in multi-agent robotics soccer team

  • Interested in these topics? Our team is currently recruiting highly motivated and qualified students. Prospective students please email dxiang at seas dot upenn dot edu with a CV and a short paragragh describing your interests in the project(s). More details here.

    Our Team

    Here are the 2018 Upennalizers members

    Xiang Deng

    Team leader
    Locomotion, Behavior, Perception
    GRASP Lab

    Daniel Pak

    ROBO '18

    Fiona La

    Locomotion, Behavior
    BE & CIS '18

    Abdullah Zaini

    CIS & COGS '20

    Julio Reynaga Galeas

    MCIT '18

    Ji Yong Cho

    Behavior, Website management
    MCIT & CIS '18


    Yongbo Qian (ROBO '16) 2017 Captain | Sagar Poudel (CIS '17) | Rachel (Qiao) Han (CIS '18) Austin Small (CIS, MEAM '18) | Kyu Il Lee (CE, PHYS '17) | Alex Baucom (ROBO '17) | Austin Eng (DMD '18) | Emmett Neyman (CIS '19) | Cameron Deering (ROBO '17) | Julia Hyojung Chun (ROBO '17) | Tanmay Chordia (M&T '19) | Quinn Wu (M&T '19) | David Buckman (ROBO '17) | Zheng Tian (ROBO '17)

    Contact Us

    Our team does not have open positions at this moment. However, we are always open to highly motivated and qualified students. We are specifically looking for students who are interested in one of our current research topics: real time lighting invariant perception, robust and natural locomotion and dynamic coordination in multi-agent robotics soccer team. Prospective students please email upennalizers at gmail dot com with a CV and a short paragragh* describing your interests in the project(s). Due to high volumne of inquiries, we aplogize that we are not able to reply to all emails.