The UPennalizers is affiliated with General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Laboratory and the School of Engineering and Applied Science at University of Pennsylvania. In 1999, two years after the first international RoboCup, this robot soccer team was formed and began stepping up to the challenges put forth by the competition. While the league was still utilizing four-legged Sony Aibos, the UPennalizers made the quarterfinal rounds every year through 2006 before taking a brief two-year hiatus in 2007. The team reformed and returned in 2009 to begin competing in the Standard Platform League with Aldebaran Nao robots, taking on bipedal motion alongside improved vision techniques and advanced behavior control. In 2017, a relatively new team was formed to take on more challenges in locomotion, perception and planning.

RoboCup 2017, Nagoya Japan