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What is RoboCup?

RoboCup is an international robotics competition that draws teams from all over the world to build and program robots that play soccer. The overarching aim of the competition is to have, by the mid 21st Century, a team of eleven autonomous robots that will beat the human soccer world champions.

RoboCup is divided up into many different "leagues" of soccer, ranging from non-humanoids to adult-sized humanoids. The UPennalizers compete in two of these leagues: The Standard Platform League, which makes use of Aldebaran's 'Nao' humanoid; and the 'kid-sized' league, wherein teams develop their own platforms. We competed in the Standard Platform League beginning in 2003 at Padua, and in the Kid-sized league beginning in 2010 at Singapore in conjunction with Virginia Tech as Team DARwIn.

About this site

This website serves as a record of the UPennalizers' achievements, a repository for photos and videos, a link to current open-source code releases, and a wiki for team members to use. Links to different areas of the site can be found on the sidebar to the left. Please explore our website and learn more about the UPennalizers and Robocup.

Note that the pages under "Team Wiki" are not available to the general public.


If you are interested in learning more about the team or getting involved please send an email to

UPennalizers Team

The University of Pennsylvania RoboCup team was one of the first participants in the original Sony Aibo league (renamed the Standard Platform 4-legged league in 2004), and participated in all the international competitions between 1999--2006. The team finished among at least the quarterfinalists in every one of those eight years. After a short hiatus in 2007-2008, we have reformulating the team with a new group of undergraduates and graduate students from various departments at the Engineering School at the University of Pennsylvania.

UPennalizers 2011 (Istanbul)
Front row: Seung joon Yi, Dr. Dan Lee, Yida Zhang, Steve McGill
Back row: Ashleigh Thomas, Jordan Brindza, Spencer Lee, Nicholas McGill

UPennalizers 2010 (Singapore)
Jordan Brindza, Steve McGill, Veevee Cai, Seung joon Yi, Dr. Dan Lee, Ross Boczar and Aylin Caliskan

UPennalizers 2010 (US Open)
Front row: Alex Lee, Jordan Brindza and Aylin Caliskan.
Back row: Seung joon Yi, Dinesh Thakur, Ross Boczar, Anirudha Majumda, Roman Shor and Dr. Dan Lee.
Not Shown: Veevee Cai, Barry Scharfman, Ashleigh Thomas

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