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Page: Main.Blog - Last Modified : Wed, 17 Aug 11

Open Source Release for DARwIn OP

July 28th, 2011: UPennalizers and Team DARwIn have released DARwIn OP support for their 2010 codebase.

World Cup - Istanbul, Turkey, 2011

Standard Platform League: Quarter Finalists Non-Standard League (kid-size): Champions

Game Day 4: 7-10-11

NSL Semi-Finals vs Darmstadt W 12-6

NSL Finals vs CIT Brains W 8-1

Game Day 3: 7-9-11

SPL Second Round Pool Play vs Team Humboldt W 3-0

First Half vs Team Humboldt

Second Half vs Team Humboldt

SPL Second Round Pool Play vs Dutch Nao Team W 3-1

First Half vs Dutch Nao Team

Second Half vs Dutch Nao Team

SPL Quarter Finals vs Nao Devils L 2-2 (3-1)

The UPennalizers' quarter-final match against the Nao Devils began with a goal by Lysol; though the opposing goal keeper blocked Lysol's first attempt, he managed to score after a small skirmish with the opposing defender. Our goal was shortly followed by a goal by the Nao Devils, however, cutting short our lead only a few short minutes after we claimed it. The half ended with 3 near-goals for Lysol and Mr. Clean, for a final score of 1-1.

The second half began much like the first, with Lysol scoring a goal early on. It seemed like this would be the UPennalizers' victory, but the Nao Devils tied the game toward the end of the game. With the score tied, the entire win hung on a penalty kick, which would be decided by the best of five shots by each team. For the penalty round, we chose Clorox to be our goalie and a borrowed robot from Bowdoin to be our kicker. Clorox saved two of the five goals kicked against her, and the borrowed 'bot managed to score once. This resulted in a final score of 1-3 in favor of the Nao Devils, resulting in a loss for the Upennalizers.

Highlights vs Nao Devils

First Half vs Nao Devils

Second Half vs Nao Devils

Penalty Kicks vs Nao Devils

Game Day 2: 7-8-11

Because we won our pool we made it straight into the second round of pool play, avoiding the first elimination round. Our only game of the day was against the three-time defending champion, B-Human. The first half was a close contest, with Clorox as keeper making keys saves against the B-Human striker. B-Human managed to score one goal against us, and the first half ended with Penn down 1-0.

The second half began with Clorox experiencing ankle and wireless problems. She had to be subbed out, leaving us with an empty net for most of the second half. B-Human scored 4 more times this half, always from about half-field, making the final score 5-0.

First Half vs B-Human

Second Half vs B-Human

Game Day 1: 7-7-11

The first round of pool play is underway until tomorrow afternoon, but the UPennalizers have already finished today's games. Penn was seeded first in a pool with Singapore's team Nanyang and Turkey's team Cerberus.

Our first game was against team Cerberus, but the real excitement started before the game. Mr. Clean was was returned just 5 minutes before the start of the game, so we were forced to run a loaner robot - dubbed 'Megaman' - for the start of the first half. Megaman scored our first goal of the tournament on a breakaway - setting up for an excellent day. The half closed with Lysol being blocked by legal contact with the goalie in a chance to score. In the second half, we subbed in Mr. Clean for Megaman, and he immediately scored. Team Cerberus scored from across half field, but we finished the game 2-1 with our first win of the tourney.

UPennalizers vs Cerberus

In the afternoon the UPennalizers squared off against Team Nanyang. Again there were robot issues, with Febreeze having motor troubles right before the start of the match. Megaman stepped in again, and scored 3 times in a row in the first half for a hat trick, making him the player of the game. In the second half, Mr. Clean and Lysol each made a goal. The game ended with Lysol lined up to kick in front of an open net. The final score was 5-0.

First Half vs Team Nanyang

Second Half vs Team Nanyang

Penn will play B-Human from Germany tomorrow at 17:20 GMT+2.

World Cup - Singapore, Singapore, 2010

The first round of pool play saw the UPennalizers grouped up with team MRL of Iran and the defending, two-time world champions B-Human of Bremen University in Germany. Our first test came against the Iranian team MRL. Starting Lysol at striker, Febreeze at defensive back and Clorox as goal keeper the team put up a strong performance showing that they were here to play. Lysol, the team's tournament MVP, scored three goals before being ejected from the game for rough play. Playing a man down, Febreeze and Clorox were able to secure the shutout resulting in a 3-0 victory for the UPennalizers.

The team then geared up for their next match against the heavily favored Bremen team. The team played hard and a first half goal from Lysol kept the game close at 1-2 going into halftime. The team did not have as much success after the half and the German's were able to pull away to a 1-4 lead before Lysol was ejected again sealing the UPennalizers fate. The match ended in a 1-6 lose to B-Human and the UPennalizers finished 2nd in the group.

The team then moved on to an elimination match against Robo Eireann of Ireland to move on to the second round of pool play. Febreeze stepped up big, after the disappointing loss to B-Human, scoring two first half goals to give the UPennalizers a much needed lead going into the half. The UPennalizers kept up the pressure in the second half. Lysol scored his fifth goal of the tournament to give the team a 3-0 lead before his aggressive play resulted in another ejection. Late in the second half, the team suffered a big loss when Febreeze was afflicted with a high ankle sprain which would put him out for the rest of tournament. His presence would be severely missed. The match ended in a bitter-sweet 3-0 win and the team moved on to the second round of pool play.

The second round of pool play would be the biggest challenge for the UPennalizers yet - the team faced off against three strong competitors in what was easily the toughest group of the round. with 4 of the top 10 teams in the tournament. Our first match came against a very good rUNSWift team of UNSW in Australia. Stepping up to fill Febreeze's spot would be the untested Mr. Clean in his first game back from multiple leg and hip injuries. He would not disappoint in what was one of the most exciting matches of the tournament. Playing a completely different style than Lysol, the timid Mr. Clean proved the old proverb that slow and steady wins the race, scoring the first goal of the match to give the UPennalizers a 1-0 lead going into halftime. Regrouping over the half, rUNSWift took advantage of an empty field, following a pushing penalty against Lysol, to score the equalizing goal. Minutes later, Mr. Clean got behind the rUNSWift defender and started his agonizingly slow breakaway. Eventually, he would make it down the field to score the go-ahead goal for a 2-1 lead which the team would hold until the end of the match. (A side note, Lysol played true to form and received another ejection in the second half of the match.)

The UPennalizers faced the NUBots from Newcastle, Australia in the next round. Fast starts by both teams resulted in a 1-1 tie early in the match (Lysol scoring UPenn's goal). Both teams were in penalty trouble early due to a very strict referee and the game ground to a halt as both teams were without players on the field for most of the match. Tensions were running high in the second half after a number of questionable calls resulted in the ejection of not only Lysol (not surprising) but also the cautious Mr. Clean. With three minutes to go it was up to Clorox to hold the NUBots. The NUBots offensive charge was stopped after a perfectly positioned Clorox made the match's key save. Burying the ball deep in the opponent half after the save Clorox kept the UPennalizers hopes alive finishing the match in a 1-1 tie.

The Nao Devils of Dortmund University was the UPennalizer's final opponent of the round robin. The team looked really good in the first half. Lysol scored two more goals to give the UPennalizers a 2-0 lead going into the second half. The Nao Devils were not about to roll over though scoring a goal in the first minute of the second half and the equalizer after the UPennalizers got into foul trouble leaving the Nao Devils an empty field. An unsuccessful, last second chance by the UPennalizers ended the match in a disappointing 2-2 tie.

rUNSWift would sweep their next two matches to finish first in the group with six points leaving the UPennalizers with second at five points. An unfortunate draw would see the UPennalizers facing the returning champions, B-Human for the second time in the tournament. The strong performance in their first encounter gave the UPennalizers hope that improvements made since the start of the tournament would give them the edge needed to shock the world and knock off the returning champions. The hope was kept alive when Lysol scored again late in the first half to bring the UPennalizers even at 1-1. The whole team played their CPUs out but fell short. The veteran B-Human team showed why they were the favorites taking control of the match and cruising to an 8-1 victory. The UPennalizers would finish the tournament as quarter finalists with a 3-2-2 record.

B-Human would go on to win the championship for the third strait year in a 6-1 victory over rUNSWift. rUNSWift was the only other team in the tournament able to score against B-Human, of the three goals against them the UPennalizers (Lysol) had two.

We also participated in the technical challenges finishing seventh overall with a fourth place finish in the dribbling challenge and a strong showing in the passing challenge.

World Cup - Graz, Austria - Official Team Report

Released: Sunday, July 5, 2009

The UPennalizers are wrapping up an intense week of competition here at Robocup in Graz, Austria. It's been an eventful time, and everyone on the team is exhausted, but thrilled to be here.

In the simulation portion of the Standard Platform League competition on, the team has come in second place, losing 2-3 in matches to the German team KaI. Using the UPennalizers vision, locomotion, and behavior engines on the simulated Nao robots, the UPennalizers easily vanquished most of the other competitors, except for the German team who managed to walk at .5 m/s and kick the ball at up to 40 km/hr in simulation. You can watch some videos of the simulation action here.

Unfortunately, real robots are not as easy to handle as simulated ones. A string of bad luck hit the UPennalizers as soon as they arrived here in Austria: Sheldon, one of our attacker robots, was lost in baggage transit by Lufthansa and subsequently impounded by customs officials. Leonard, our other star attacker from the US Open, sat up in the repair clinic for the initial rounds of competition. Our other robots, Wolowicz and Kooth, who served as goalie and defender at various times, also were beset by stripped gears and other hardware issues.

Nevertheless, the UPennalizers dominated the initial round of competition, scoring 3 goals, and winning their pool. However, after advancing to the second round of play on a new field, the UPennalizers ran into more hardware problems. Several of the cameras on the robots had become disconnected during play, and suffered from severe calibration problems. The robots were also unable to be properly fixed at the Aldebaran repair clinic. Unable to resolve these hardware issues, the UPennalizers were blinded in their matches with the Australian Newcastle team and the National Taiwanese team, losing 2-0 and 1-0.

After being prematurely eliminated from the tournament, the UPennalizers decided to enter the "Any Ball" vision challenge at the last minute. After a patch to the video driver, the UPennalizers students coded overnight a routine that would allow Wolowicz to find and kick any ball on the field, not just the standard sized orange Robocup balls. This worked successfully in the challenge (allowing Wolowicz to kick a textured unknown standard size 1 soccer ball) and the UPennalizers ended up in third place on the challenge.

The team will watch the final matches today, which are currently being dominated by the German team from Bremen (who just mercy ruled Carnegie Mellon 11-1 in the quarter finals). After that the students will pack up with the robots and travel back to the US via Vienna.

US Open - Official Team Release

Posted: Monday, May 4, 2009

The UPennalizers, Penn's Robocup team, are returning today from a long weekend of competition at the US Open Invitational in Maine. The UPennalizers compete in the Robocup Standard Platform league, using the Nao humanoid robots, and were one of 4 US teams in the competition.

After having beaten CMU during the seeding rounds, yesterday the UPennalizers faced the host team, Bowdoin, in the semi-finals. The Penn team dominated play in the first half, with its attackers controlling the ball but missed their mark several times resulting in a close 0-0 game at halftime. However, in the second half, Penn's star attacker, Leonard, took over the game as he positioned

the ball outside the Bowdoin penalty box and kicked it in to the disappointment of the home crowd.

The Penn then had to face the strong Texas team in the championship match. Until that point, Texas had dominated the competition, without allowing a single goal against in all their matches. However, this quickly changed in the first half, when as the Texas players suffered from balance problems, Leonard once again dribbled down the length of the field and knocked in the first goal.

After the halftime changeover with Penn leading 1-0, play began with both teams trading control of the ball. Unfortunately, Leonard also suffers from a robotic medical condition known as "usbitis," which results in the head computer unable to talk to the body motor controllers, and a sudden relapse of this condition occurred late in the game. As Leonard collapsed and was carted off the field to

receive medical attention, the Texas attackers took advantage of their numbers advantage to score the equalizer with less than a minute remaining.

According to official Robocup rules, with the game tied 1-1, the result would be decided according to a penalty shootout. The skills development of the Penn goalie, Sheldon, had been severely neglected during the competition, but he was quickly pressed into service to face the powerful Texas penalty kicks. Although Sheldon could only hop, and not properly position himself in the goal, he managed to save some of the kicks. By this time, Leonard had recovered from his usbitis, and managed to score 2 of his first 4 attempts.

Thus, going into the fifth and final penalty kick, the score remained tied 3-3. Texas went first, and knocked a powerful kick into the corner of the net. Unfortunately, Leonard's final valiant attempt against the Texas goalie rolled just a few inches short of the goal line.

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