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The UPennalizers and Team DARwIn are proud to announce the
Open Source Release of their RoboCup code base.

The UPennalizers is a team of graduate and undergraduate students from the GRASP lab at the University of Pennsylvania.
See pictures and videos from the 2013 International Robocup Competition in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Interested? email us at:

Performance at RoboCup Competitions

Kid-sized Humanoid League

  • First-place at Eindhoven, 2013
  • First-place at Mexico City, 2012
  • First-place at Istanbul, 2011
  • Semi-Finalist at Singapore, 2010
Standard Platform League

  • CCF at Eindhoven, 2013
  • First-place at US Open, 2013
  • Quarter-finalist at Mexico City, 2012
  • Third place at US Open, 2012
  • Quarter-finalist at Istanbul, 2011
  • Runner up at US Open, 2011
  • Quarter-finalist at Singapore, 2010
  • Runner up at US Open, 2009
  • Quarter-finalist at Osaka, 2005
  • Runner up at US Open, 2005
  • Fourth place at Lisbon, 2004
  • Runner up at Padua, 2003

Proud sponsor of the UPennalizers

Lockheed Martin

How to Join: email us at

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