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Page: Main.Videos - Last Modified : Thu, 11 Jul 13

2013 Season

Eindhoven 2013

Kid-Size Humanoid League

Humanoid Kid-Size League Final, versus AUTMan.

Catch more videos from our previous seasons over at our YouTube channel.

2011 Season

Istanbul 2011

Kid-Size Humanoid League

Humanoid Kid-Size League Final, versus CIT-Brains

Humanoid Kid-Size League Semifinal, versus Darmstadt Dribblers

Standard Platform League

Quarter Final Highlights, versus Nao Devils

Full Quarter Final video, versus Nao Devils

US Open

Kid-Size Humanoid League

DarwinOP Vs Nao from Bowdoin

DarwinOP Vs Nao Demo 1

DarwinOP Vs Nao Demo 2

DarwinOP Vs Nao Demo 3

DarwinOP Vs Nao Demo 4

DarwinOP Chasing Demo

DarwinOP Demo

2010 Season


Standard Platform League

Lysol scoring against B-Human in the first round of pool play.

Mr. Clean's excruciatingly slow march down the field to score the winning goal in our 2-1 victory against rUNSWift (who would go on to place second in the tournament).

Lysol scoring his second goal against the Nao Devils.

Non-Standard League

Late in the second half, down 3 - 4, team DARwIn's attempts to go 1v3 to score the equalizer in the 3rd place match against CIT Brains Kid.

2009 Season

US Open

Finals (Thanks to Bowdoin for filming!)

First Half

Second Half

Penalty Shootout

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