Corning Life Sciences

Extramural Research Grants and Supercomputing Allocations

  • National Science Foundation Eng/CBET-0730955, Membranes, 2007-2009, (PI)
  • National Science Foundation Eng/CBET-0853539, Molecular Systems Biology, 2009-2013, (PI)
  • National Science Foundation Eng/CBET-0853389, Endocytosis, 2009-2013, (PI)
  • National Institutes of Health 1R01EB006818, Drug Delivery, 2008-2013, (co-PI)
  • National Institutes of Health, 1R01HL087036, Drug Delivery, 2008-2013, (co-PI)
  • National Science Foundation, Eng/CBET 1133267, Anisotropic Particles on Membranes, 2012-2014, (co-PI)
  • National Science Foundation, Grant: CBET-1244507, Nanocarrier Adhesion/Multiscale Modeling, Period: 2012-2015, (PI)
  • National Science Foundation, DMR-1120901, Control of Assembly in Soft-Matter, MRSEC Award, 2011-2017, (Investigator)
  • European Commission- Information and Communication Technology Large Scale Integrating Project Funded by the VPH (Virtual Physiological Human) Program, Grant: ICT-2011.5.2, Computational Horizons in Cancer, Period 2013-2017, (Co-I).
  • National Institutes of Health 1R01EB006818-A5-A8, Drug Delivery, 2013-2017, (co-PI)
  • National Institutes of Health 1-U01-EB-016027-01A1, Drug Delivery, 2013-2018, (MPI) 
  • National Institutes of Health 1U54CA193417, Liver Cancer Physical Sciences in Oncology Center at UPenn, 2015-2020, (Lead-Investigator Project 2 and Investigator-Core 2) 
  • NIH R01 GM111942-01A1 , Spatial Control of Actin Assembly by Phosphoinositides, 2015-2019 (co-PI)
  • NIH U01 CA227550 Center for Cancer Systems Biology (CSBC),  cancer therapy resistance at the single cell level, 2018-2022 (MPI)
  • NSF ICORPS, 2018-2021, (PI)
  • NIH CA244660,  Multiscale Modeling to Optimize Inhibition of Oncogenic ERK Pathway Signaling, 2020-2024 (MPI)
  • NIH R35GM136259 Regulation of cell function by mechanical properties of biopolymer networks and lipid bilayers, 2020-2025 (sub-award through P. A. Janmey)
  • Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment MCB060006, 2006-2018, (PI)
  • Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment MCB200101, 2020-present, (PI)


Intramural, Private Foundation and Other Support

  • Whitaker Foundation Support through the Department of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania Start-up, 2004-2006, (PI)
  • Penn Center for Molecular Discovery, Consultant 2008, (member)
  • Hewlett Packard Young Investigator Award, 2008
  • University of Pennsylvania Research Foundation, Polymerase, 2008-2009, (PI)
  • PGFI seed grant in cancer systems biology, 2010-2011, (Investigator)
  • ITMAT CT3N Pilot Project, 2012-2013, (PI)
  • ITMAT Collaborative Translational Seed Grant, 2012-2013, (PI)
  • Corning Gift Fund, 2012-2014, (PI)
  • Sanofi, 2018-Present (PI)


Scholars Support/Honors

  • Greater Philadelphia Bioinformatics Alliance Internship Support: Vibitha Ilango 2005
  • Genomics and Computational Biology Training Grant: Jeremy Purvis 2005-2007
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship: Shannon Telesco 2006-2009
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship: Joshua Weinstein (Undergraduate Researcher), 2007
  • Greater Philadelphia Bioinformatics Alliance Internship Support: Jonathan Nukpezah 2007
  • GAANN Fellowship: Shannon Telesco 2008
  • NIH T32 Genomics and Computational Biology: Jeremy Purvis 2008-2009
  • SWE Award: Shannon Telesco, 2009
  • Ashton Fellowship: Ryan Bradley 2009, 2015-16
  • SWE Award, Balakrishnan Uma, 2010
  • NIH T32 Institute of Medicine and Engineering: Shannon Telesco 2010-2011
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship: Ryan Bradley 2010-2011, 2013
  • NIH T32 Structural Biology Training Grant, Ryan Bradley, 2012
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship, Peter Huwe, 2011-2014
  • Solomon Pollock Award for Graduate Excellence, Shannon E. Telesco, 2012
  • Hertz Fellowship, Vyas Ramanan (Undergraduate Researcher), 2012
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship, Vyas Ramanan (Undergraduate Researcher), 2012
  • Penn-Port Scholarship, Dr. Whelton Miller, 2012-2015
  • Vice Provost Scholarship, Dr. Ololade Fatunmbi, 2016-2019
  • Fontaine Fellowship, Mr. Jonathan Nukpezah, 2019-present
  • Blair Fellowship, Ms. Emma Glass, 2019
  • CEMB REU Fellowship, Ms. Emma Glass, 2019
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Ms. Lindsey Fernandez, 2017-2020
  • ITMAT Translational Training Grant, Ms. Gabriela Witek, 2019-2020
  • CEMB RET Fellowship, Ms. Grace Ann Romanelli, 2019
  • CEMB REU Fellowship, Ms. Samantha Hall, 2019
  • PSON/CSBC Summer Fellowship, NCI, Ms. Emma Glass, 2020

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